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Die besten Broker Angebote im aktuellen Vergleich. Hier einen günstigen Broker zum Traden finden Große Auswahl an Trading Company Preis. Super Angebote für Trading Company Preis hier im Preisvergleich © EDDB 2021 - A site about systems, bodies, stations, commodities, materials and trade routes in Elite: Dangerous Our Elite: Dangerous trading tool helps you make the most out of each trip. Enter your current location and your destination to find the best commodities to trade. You can also set a maximum buy price per tonne to fit your budget and ship size. If you have no destination planned, try the Trade Assistant for destination suggestions

Two rare circuits (beginner, int-advanced) with all travel

58,876 Cr. 1 day ago. Note: The trade routes are a sample of the most profitable trades found. Due to the dynamic nature of the markets, always check the actual market prices in the game. Min. profit: 10,000 Cr Starting in a High Tech system gives you a very good chance of a profitable route! It is recommended to have a Max Hop Distance of at least 40ly to ensure a successful result. If you select a target system, the route finder will try to approach that target. It is very inlikely that it ends directly in the system you wanna go. Instead the route will most likely stop pretty close to your target

Trade Dangerous. TradeDangerous is set of powerful trading tools for Elite Dangerous, organized around one of the most powerful trade run optimizers available. TD is a heavy hitter that can calculate complex routes with multiple stops... Trading,Routes,EDDN,Exploration. eyeonus,Tromador Trade helper. On this version of the trade-helper you can see a list of the best trade-runs found. To qualify as good trade-run it must make more than 2,000cr per unit. These results were created from the Mk3 version, and are automatically checked with the latest prices. If a run has changed, it is either updated or removed. Mk1. Mk2. Mk3 Long answer: Not only EDDB but most of the Elite community websites are connected to a realtime data network called EDDN. The basic idea is that players use an EDDN client while playing the game and for instance if the player docks on a station, the latest station information is being transmitted to the EDDN network. Every website which supports EDDN gets those updates immediately. There are many client programs, offering different kinds of functionality. However, one simple to use client i Route Planner / Galactic Mapping / EDSM - Elite Dangerous Star Map

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  1. Trade routes. Nearest. Rankings. Shortcuts. Archive. Recent stories. Patrick Bietruch / today. Seeking the Truth #6: They appeared like ghosts. Everyday I'm getting farther away from civilization. Good morning, CMDRs. I found the next entry today and this one is so far the most intriguing out of all of them. This one gave me an idea who the mysterious M person really is (the person that.
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  3. Elite Dangerous is a space simulator game by Frontier Developments based in the year 3307. You control your own spaceship in which you can participate in exploring a 1:1 scale Milky Way, trade between star systems, participate in bounty-hunting wanted ships, and even pirate other ships for their cargo
  4. Trade Assistant. Find out the most profitable trade options from your chosen station. Enter a system and station to view the most profitable trade routes. System. Station. Station (Pad Size)Cost to Buy (per T) 100 - 250250 - 500500 - 10001000 - 30003000 - 60006000 - 90009000+Max Distance
  5. 6.1. Giving back - eddb.io relies on contributions of station data from users in order to keep its trade information up to date in the dynamic universe of Elite : Dangerous. The most popular tool to submit said data is Jonathan Harris' Elite :Dangerous Market Connector. This program pulls the commodity market data (as well as information on.
  6. Since Elite Dangerous sports a bustling and ever-changing economic system, you'll want to discover your own trade routes in order to maximize the amount of time that you can use them. For example, if only one person uses a trade route versus 10 people using it, it will last 10 times as long, which means you'll make far greater profits off this before it becomes obsolete
  7. Using our market guides and trading tools you will quickly learn the best Elite: Dangerous trading routes. You'll soon be blazing a trail in your own shiny new Anaconda. If you have no destination planned, try the Trade Assistant for destination suggestions. Trade Planner. Enter where you're at and where you're heading to find out the most profitable commodities to trade between markets.

Multifunctional trading and exploration tool, that integrates fully into the HUD of Elite Dangerous as an overlay. Please read the key feature list to get an overview. Extensive wiki included. Trading,Routes,Logbook,Wiki,Visualization,MISC,EDDN,Coords,Graphics,Exploration,Shipyard,Audio,BG Elite Dangerous - How to Find a Profitable Trade Route - YouTube. In this video I show how to use the new in-game trading tools. In this video I show how to use the new in-game trading tools

New trade routes in the Elite: Dangerous Beta 1 give a 'broad brush' overview of where to trade, and augment the more detailed data and real-time galactic ma.. Trade Route Planner to create individual trade routes. Trade Scout finds most profitable two-way routes. Extensive Exploration feature for your voyage into the stars. Selected in-game route supervision and summery. Personal stellar cartography to know your surrounding star systems (region summary, visits, explorations, stars, planets, screenshots and many more). Personal Logbook with stats. Just after i uploaded the last video the main product i was trading (Conductive Fabrics) suddenly went down i price almost everywhere. Accepted for one syste... Accepted for one syste..

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Elite Dangerous: Galaxy Map and Trade Route Tutorial - Beta 1 - YouTube. Elite Dangerous: Galaxy Map and Trade Route Tutorial - Beta 1. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. I have updated this video! Please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmZLRNplQGM. By all means watch this as well and whilst this one is still information.. Trader Elite icon. Trader rank is gained by selling commodities either legitimately or via smuggling, or by successfully completing missions that involve hauling commodities (space trucking). Missions can be more beneficial than normal trading because they reward faction reputation and trade rank in addition to credits. Any profit from sales contributes to rank advancement Elite Trade Net provides a user interface and fast trade route algorithm for EDDN/EDDB trade data. It takes a different approach than most existing tools by estimating trade time and maximizing profit/hour. Routes are customized to match your ship, loadout, and starting station. Post in the forum if you have any questions or run into any issues.

Kostenloser Versand verfügbar. Kauf auf eBay. eBay-Garantie You are in the right place Commander, your credit troubles are now over. Using our market guides and trading tools you will quickly learn the best Elite: Dangerous trading routes. You'll soon be blazing a trail in your own shiny new Anaconda. If you have no destination planned, try the Trade Assistant for destination suggestions

Loop Route Finder - EDDB - Elite: Dangerous Databas

As in today's world, supply and demand drive prices. Elite: Dangerous' galactic market uses a server-based background trading simulation as a foundation.supply and demand levels are influenced via trading between local systems Route # 1 (warnings=5, jumps=13, distance=592.33, 26/12/14 - rev 1358) Route # 2 (warnings=5, jumps=13, distance=559.52, 26/12/14 - rev 1358) Route # 3 (warnings=5, jumps=13, distance=586.20, 26/12/14 - rev 1358) Route # 4 (warnings=5, jumps=13, distance=588.46, 26/12/14 - rev 1358) Route # 5 (warnings=5, jumps=13, distance=613.50, 26/12/14 - rev 1358)...thousands of lines of output.. Trading Post (L) Deuringas Truffles (7T) Deuringas: Shukor Hub (L) Diso Ma Corn (15T) Diso: Shifnalport (L) Eden Apples Of Aerial (7T) Aerial: Andrade Legacy (L) Eleu Thermals (13T) Eleu: Finney Dock (L) Eranin Pearl Whiskey (8T) Eranin: Azeban City (L) Eshu Umbrellas (9T) Eshu: Shajn Terminal (L) Esuseku Caviar (10T) Esuseku: Savinykh Orbital (L) Ethgreze Tea Buds (7T I'm not aware of any sites that track black markets like that, but taking Imperial Slaves from Zemina Torval systems to Archon Delaine black markets used to be really profitable for smuggling (some routes gave over 10,000 CR a ton). I'm not sure how viable it still is, but if you're still flying around looking for routes yourself, give that a shot

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Trade is all about taking a decent amount of stuff somewhere else to be sold. A ship with low cargo cap and short legs is at a disadvantage in trading. Once you have a ship with legs (but preferably able to land on Medium landing pads) you might consider running rare commodities. Rare commodities are sold in small batches that return high profits for the minimal work investment of waiting around for the small batches to replenish (need patience) and then driving them 150+ LY (need legs) to. Trade routes shown in the ingame map are incredibly misleading or outright wrong. They're not wrong, they're based on what people are actually trading on those routes, not whether they make a profit or not, so if there are lots of dumb traders in that region you're going to get skewed data

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This page will allow you to plot between two different star systems for your fleet carrier. The result will show you every system you need to route to. It will also let you know when you should gather more fuel. Time estimates are based on 20 minutes per jump and yielding 150 tonnes of tritium per hour mining for a single player Look at the trade routes for that commodity. They're the brightly colored curved line of the same color as in the trade routes selection, with bright sparks traveling along them to show the direction the commodity flows. Make sure to watch for smaller sparks traveling backwards along a route. You want a system that the commodity flows into but doesn't flow out of. If there's

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Elite Dangerous trading routes. a guest . Sep 19th, 2014. 511 . Never . Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! text 19.05 KB . raw download clone embed print report. Path profit:603300 jumps: 6 paths: From: Ithaca (Hume Depot) To: LHS 417 (Gernhardt Camp) Type: Palladium TotalPrice: 1387900. Side 2 of the route, all stops are near each other-----Side 2 ZAONCE - Ridley Scott - Leathery Eggs LAVE - Lave Station - Lavian Brandy LEESTI - George Lucas - Evil Juice DISO - Shifnal Port - Diso.. Elite: Dangerous; Forum ; News; Help / Guides; Trade Helper; Ships; Builds; Universe; Equipment; Engineers; Commanders; Powers; Fleet Carriers; Wares; Videos; Donation; Forum; Links; News Odyssey Now Available for Preorder Tuesday 30th March, 2021 · Posted by Sinxar · 1 comments. Deluxe version gains access to the alpha test that is in progress. Head over to https://www.elitedangerous.com.

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Plot your route through multiple way-points and let our algorithm find the fastest route for you. CMDRs ToolBox All your Elite Dangerous Tools and guides in one place. Home; Odyssey Alpha. Odyssey Material; Odyssey Data; Guides. Engineering-Unlock; Mining; Exploration; Guardian modules; Empire Rank; Fed Rank; Shield Mechanics; Ship Builds . NPC combat; Anti-Xeno Combat; Mining; Exploration. Although trade is pretty good in elite (could use an overhaul tough) what is miss is the large far away long route trading like in the 16 and 17 century on earth. I feel elite would be a perfect setting for this given its huge size. I therefore feel it would be really amazing to have a decent profitable trade route between the bubble and Colonia. Someting to make it worth doing this journey. A commonly used tool is the Single or Multi-Hop route Finder found on Elite Dangerous Data Base. This tool allows Commanders to set their situation parameters, like jump range, location, supplies budget, cargo capacity, and route preferences. For example, let's say a Commander is in Sol The E:D community has created several tools for pilots to find and optimize ideal trade routes. An optimized loop has been developed for all the known (or shared) rare commodities in the universe. By using this loop, pilots can make the most out of the second method as they are always moving from one rare station to the next without a dead leg. For more active players, this also reduces the need to sit in a station and wait for supplies before heading out again

EDDB is a site about systems, stations, commodities and trade routes in Elite: Dangerous. EDDB has a very nice web interface to edit star systems and stations data. Market data updates (commodity prices) are taken instantly from EDDN to allow single and multi-hop trade route searches Elite: Dangerous is a massive game full of opportunities. But, if you want to make money fast to get that new ship you've been pining for or want to work on getting a Fleet Carrier, then here's. Elite Dangerous - trading tips and tricks Don't miss our essential guide to finding the best trade routes in Elite Dangerous, and making efficient use of your time and your money Trade helper (Mk1) Welcome to the trade-helper. The idea behind the trade-helper is to make it easier to find trade-runs, locate places where you can buy or sell, find ships to buy, or even find planetary details. The Mk1 can be very useful to locate places to buy or sell particular wares Taking the Scenic Route (Bubble to Colonia) Robrogan: Jan 9, 2021, 6:37:16 PM : Bubble to Colonia Stations: Cmdr OrangePheonix: Jan 9, 2021, 3:36:05 PM : Cati-Route: Demaclo: Jan 8, 2021, 11:36:38 PM : The Journey Home: LaurenceR: Jan 5, 2021, 10:01:14 P

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Elite Dangerous - how to use maps and plan routes Struggling to find your way around space? Our Elite Dangerous guide explains how to use the game's maps, and find your place in the universe Material Traders were added with Elite Dangerous: Beyond Chapter One (3.0) on February 27, 2018. Their services are only available to owners of Elite Dangerous: Horizons. Videos. Elite Dangerous Beyond - How to Find Material Traders. Material trader - Everything you need to know - Elite dangerous 3.0 Beyond. Add a photo to this gallery. External links . Inara.com: Material Trader List; EDSM. Trade helper (Mk3) The Mk3 of the trade-helper, scans area of space - looking for the best nearby deals (where goods can be brought and sold). Due to the size of the universe, only a certain range can be checked Learn about the best ships for exploration in Elite Dangerous. Is the black calling out to you? Exploration is one of the most popular ways to make a living in Elite Dangerous. Life outside the bubble is as dangerous as it is beautiful though, and you're going to need the right ship. Keep reading to discover some of the best ships for the job. Grab your fuel scoops commanders, it's time to. Elite Dangerous : Trade Route Planner Tool - Trading Guid . NADAL Rafael Netpro 2003 tennis Elite Rare 1 of 2000 Rookie Card RAFA RC LOOK. $134.98 0 bids + shipping . 2003 Netpro SERENA WILLIAMS RC Elite Edition /2000 #2 NM-MT (L1) $259.00 + shipping . Rookie Serena Williams Tennis Trading Cards, Rookie Serena Williams 2003 Season Tennis Trading Cards JIMMY GAROPPOLO 2019 Elite Aspirations SSP.

TradeDangerous is a set of powerful trading tools for Elite Dangerous, organized around one of the most powerful trade run optimizers available. The TRO is a heavy hitter that can calculate complex routes with multiple stops while taking into account the profits you make along the route . The price data in TradeDangerous is either manually entered or crowd sourced from a website such as. I've been playing Elite Dangerous on and off for years, since the very first alpha was released in 2013. I love it, but I've never been able to find my niche. I've dabbled in everything. Elite:Dangerous Virtual Assistant - EVA - is your in-flight trade computer. Keep track of where you've been, find out where you want to go, and work out the best single trades, or circular trade routes, all from your phone or tablet Once I hit Elite, I will dedicate a lot of time to helping newer or struggling players, find routes, and most importantly try to understand the trading system as well as possible. **TRADE TOOLS** I do not use any of the public trade routes. I don't generally ask or even want to know what routes other people are using unless they are something. It's of no surprise that the route is called The Road To Riches. Also, a big thanks to CMDR HittingSmoke for converting the improved list for Pathfinder use. You can mark visited systems with the button, while the button hides all the systems above the one where you clicked the button. This comes handy when you're about to continue your journey and don't want to click a hundred systems above.

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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey key art. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is the second paid expansion for Elite Dangerous. Frontier Developments has described it as the biggest update yet and a defining moment in the history of the game. It has been in active development since August 2018, and was officially announced on June 3, 2020 Elite: Dangerous, the spacefaring game from Frontier Developments, is disgustingly big.It's a massively multiplayer online game that takes place in a realistic model of our Milky Way galaxy. It. Elite: Dangerous Trading Trading can be an extremely lucrative method to build your bankroll if done properly and thankfully there is a great third party resource which allows you to plot routes.. Der Handel ist die Haupteinnahmequelle für Credits in Elite Dangerous. Dieser Guide erklärt allen Anfängern die hohe Kunst des Handelns, von der Wahl des richtigen Schaffes, dem Finden von lukrativen Handelsrouten, bis hin zur Maximierung des Gewinns. Die Wahl des Schiffes; Der Warenmarkt; Handelsdaten; Handelsrouten finden; Seltene Waren (rare goods

There are tools like the Elite Dangerous Database(EDDB) which generate trade routes based on data submitted by users. There are few options for route finding, with the easiest being Loop Routes. haha the problem with giving out trade routes is that nobody wants people to know their good ones, because they dry up quick with the dynamic economy. Check out Thrudd's tool at http://elitetradingtool.co.uk/ However, I think this is a primarily PC tool, so it may not have accurate info on the X1 side of things. But it may give you clues or some kind of direction about systems around you General instructions for using the posted trade routes: . At a station listed, buy any rare trade goods available. They will be highlighted in a lighter orange/yellow color in the commodities market list. Check if any of the tradegoods you already have aboard have reached the advised selling point (profit per ton) Hey chums, I'm currently doing a fairly profitable run in a Hauler and thought I'd share it with you here. The route is 4 jumps in total, and there is trading on each station. Average profit per jump is about 4K with 16T cargo capacity, so a full run nets you avg 16K credits. Additionally.. You could just use this. General rule of thumb for trading for internals is to fit the best FSD you can afford and Fit D rank of everything else. This keeps the ship mass down optimising jump range. Rares trading becomes less worth it once you pass 100t max cargo however. The amount of time you would spend waiting for rares restock you could make more profit from General / Bulk goods trading of high value items

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  1. d that exploration in Elite is well - monotonous (I don't want to say boring). So before you think - Hey! Let's go visit Sag A*, I strongly suggest you take it slow, and give it a shot on a much closer range. Take your ship out for a spin around the bubble or to a nearby nebula. Just a few thousand lightyears out will boost your exploration rank and give you a lot of undiscovered systems to put your name on. Also - you will get the feel for long-time.
  2. After selecting your destiny ('plot route' button) your way will be shown with an orange color. If the target is placed couple of system away, the route will use every system on the way. Unfortunately there isn't any way to save your routes in the computer which means that you will have to plot it every single time. Even when you want to reach a distant star, the computer will automatically connect you with the nearest star in the map. It happens because of the computer which plans the jump.
  3. This website is not an official tool for the game Elite: Dangerous and is not affiliated with Frontier Developments. All information provided is based on publicly available information and may not be entirely accurate. Elite © 1984 David Braben & Ian Bell. Frontier © 1993 David Braben, Frontier: First Encounters © 1995 David Braben and Elite: Dangerous © 2012, 2013 Frontier Developments plc. All rights reserved. 'Elite', the Elite logo, the Elite: Dangerous logo, 'Frontier' and the.
  4. It's a site about systems, stations, commodities and trade routes in Elite: Dangerous. The system data is based on EDSM. The commodity data is being updated from EDDN. The data can be edited on the ROSS backend
  5. Artemis Biological Survey. From Veil West Sector DL-Y d68 (Funfair Geysers / Veil Nebula West) to Rosette Sector CQ-Y d59 (New Beginning / Rosette Nebula) Jun 4, 2021 -> Jul 11, 2021. 81 participants / 50,807.58 ly
  6. Tip: You can trade Agronomic Treatment from Gantt Ring (Tolini) to Howe Landing (Kaia Bajaja) and Bauxite back with a profit of 31,911 Cr per unit
Help, I'm addicted to space trading in Elite DangerousElite: Dangerous - Guide du commerçant - Game-GuideElite Dangerous TradePad - Android Apps on Google PlayElite dangerous federation rank grind 2020Trading - SWAT Portal

2. 2,491. 1,340,158. 5 M. Lalande 39866 - Dzhanibekov Hub (367) Imperial Slaves. 1,141. Gilgamesh - Macan Orbital (323) Beryllium TradeDangerous is a set of powerful trading tools for Elite Dangerous, organized around one of the most powerful trade run optimizers available. The TRO is a heavy hitter that can calculate complex routes with multiple stops while taking into account the profits you make along the route This is the most efficient and highest profiting single warp trade route I have been able to find in the game Elite: Dangerous.The first half of this route o.. Trading is hands down the best way to make big money in Elite: Dangerous.The fact that you can carry a lot of cargo that you can sell to other stations for profit and there being relatively little.

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